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Over the years I’ve seen and received funny wine quotes and stories. While most of them are at least mildly entertaining, I’ve cataloged my absolute favorites, that at times I relate a little to closely to. I hope you enjoy my selection and please send your favorites to blog [at] so I can share your favorites as well.


It’s impossible not to smile when you hear that cork pop though!

Smile, there's wine


It’s important to be flexible during the holidays.

Wine Fun


Thanks, it’s nice to get the vote of confidence. You’re always on my side.

Funny Wine Quotes


And if you have enough wine, you might hear the same story more than once!

Every Empty Bottle Is Filled With Stories


Let’s not discriminate. EVERYONE needs one of these in their kitchen.

Wine Dispenser


Or you can leave a trail of wine bottles back home, so I know how to find my way.

Time for wine


Seems reasonable…

Wine For Health


Please drink and dial responsibly.

Drink Responsibly

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