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Better With Bacon

This summer I took a trip with my mom and sister to the North Fork of Long Island. We were celebrating my mom’s birthday by visiting the growing number of wineries that dot the country landscape. To ensure we were prepared for a day of sipping and swirling, we saddled up for a large breakfast at Bruce’s Cheese Emporium & Cafe in Greenport, NY. We ordered omelets and juice and the requisite caffeinated beverages. Then I spied a side dish that made my heart flutter – brown sugar bacon. We requested a double order (why not? we’re on vacation!).

After 10 minutes our greasy, glistening plate of crispy bacon arrived. We dug into the sticky strips.  Incredible. Sweet. Salty. Crispy. We had add this to our list of traditional holidays foods. We tried at one point to get the recipe, but all we learned “besides brown sugar a whole lot of love goes into it!”

Just before Christmas this year I researched a few recipes online. We had the bacon, brown sugar and love but thought maybe, just maybe there was a little more to it. I settled on the “Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon” recipe from Bon Appétit. They’re pretty credible on the world of food these days.

We followed the steps, carefully laying the strips across the rack, then sprinkling each strip with brown sugar…and love. And then slide them into the oven.

Brown Sugar Bacon Gourmet Food

Fifteen minutes passed, then 18, but it still didn’t look ready. We waited with anticipation, staring into the oven, willing it to cook faster. After 25 minutes we were satisfied with the crispiness.

Gourmet Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon What it just as heavenly as before? I’d love to say yes. It was almost perfect, but something was missing. We mused about what, but never really settled on what it could be. At least we’ll have future holidays to give this new bacon our best.


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